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All across Southside, people just like you are proving you can start small, and think big. Southside Savers are setting financial goals, tracking their spending and taking control of their financial future. Our staff and trained volunteers can show you how to develop a savings strategy and take one step at a time. So don't wait any longer...enroll in Southside Saves today!

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Savings Strategies:

Building wealth starts when you set a goal and make a plan to reach that goal. Whatever goal you choose – whether it’s buying a car, buying a house, or getting out from under your debts – learn about proven savings strategies and get simple tips on the best ways to save. Click on the links below to learn how to:

Saver Resources

Community Resources

Through the BEST Coalition, we also offer financial education classes and one-on-one mentoring services.  Click on for more information about these programs.

About Southside Saves

Southside Saves was first formed in 2012 through the Building Economic Success Together (BEST) Coalition. The BEST Coalition is focused on assisting families and individuals become more financially stable. Southside Saves, part of the broader America Saves Campaign, strives to promote and increase savings of local families, ultimately increasing the number of residents in the Dan River Region who make a habit of saving.

Southside Saves connects individuals to savings resources by encouraging them to enroll in Southside Saves at In return, they receive a monthly e-newsletter from America Saves with savings tips and become a part of a national savings community. We are also working to connect Southside residents to low/no minimum balance savings accounts. As a part of Southside Saves, we also coordinate and promote activities for Southside Saves/America Saves Week – a week to focus on savings and to encourage everyone to take positive financial action.

How to Get Involved in Southside Saves

  • Promote enrollment in Southside Saves by distributing this informational flyer to your clients and customers. Click here to use the enrollment flyer.
  • Promote Southside Saves/America Saves Week, which typically falls in February each year.

If you and/or your business are interested in getting involved in Southside Saves, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know how you’d like to get involved.

We look forward to hearing from and working with you to grow a strong savings culture in Southside VA!

About Southside Saves

Southside Saves was first formed in 2012 through the Building Economic Success Together (BEST) Coalition. The BEST Coalition is focused on assisting families and individuals in the Dan River Region become more financially stable.

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Virginia Saves in Southside

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  • Are you looking for an effective way to establish a budget? Beginning on the first day of a new month, get a receipt for everything you purchase. Stack and review receipts at the end of the month, and you will clearly be able to see where your money is going.

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