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Prepare for Life's Surprises...With Your Tax Return

Tax Time Saving Savings Tips
Written by Guest Blogger · 18 December 2014

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By now, you may already know how you want to spend your tax return. Before you’ve spent the money in your mind, think about the many challenges that life can pose. These challenges can often be eased by having some money saved.


Should You Consider an Extended Warranty?

Budgeting Holiday Savings Warranty
Written by Guest Blogger · 17 December 2014

By Jennifer Hunter, Ph.D., University of Kentucky Family Finance Extension Specialist

Extended warranties are available on a multitude of items ranging from DVDs to major household appliances and automobiles. Often it can be difficult during the few seconds you have at the cash register to make an informed decision about purchasing an extended warranty for a product.


Help Build a Foundation for Your Child's Money Skills, part 1

Family Savings
Written by Guest Blogger · 11 December 2014

For parents with children ages 3 to 5

This guest post is courtesy of CFPB and FDIC’s joint education and awareness campaign.


Six Warning Signs That You May Be Spending Too Much Money This Holiday Season

Budgeting Holiday Savings
Written by Laura Roler · 10 December 2014

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The holidays are fast approaching, and you may already be spending money and buying gifts to prepare. Before you spend too much money, take a moment to watch for these six warning signs that you may be spending too much money this holiday season.


Protect Yourself Before & After a Data Breach

Holiday Identity Theft Identity Fraud
Written by Guest Blogger · 09 December 2014

By Amy Maliga, Take Charge America

Last holiday season’s large-scale Target data breach and other breaches throughout 2014, including Home Depot, Lowe’s, Staples, and Michaels, are leaving consumers increasingly concerned about the security of their personal and financial information. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, 2014 has already seen a total of 644 data breaches spread across the retail, financial, health care and education sectors, with more than 78 million consumer records exposed.


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  • Written by Katie Bryan | December 23, 2013

    Tip to Save During the Holidays: Decide how much you can spend. via @Bankrate

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Starting and Continuing a Personal Finance Journey

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